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Protecting your investments for the future
OPAL Smart Surveillance Solution is designed to help you integrate data from a variety of monitoring devices and apply advanced analytics to improve security, reduce security overhead, and increase organizational flexibility and business intelligence.

Service detail OPAL smart surveillance solution is designed to help companies migrating from tape-based monitoring to digital video surveillance get more value out of the video content they are capturing and storing. The solution can help lower the total cost of ownership for physical security, speed response time and increase organizational flexibility by transforming footage into valuable business information. Highlights
  • Supports an improved security response
  • Helps reduce security overhead
  • Enables organizational flexibility
  • Helps reduce operational risk
Physical security: site and infrastructure. Everybody needs it. Many have a system in place. But the old way—guards watching too many monitors and manually reviewing miles of videotape—may not be adequate for today's requirements. It costs too much. It's hard to integrate it with newer technologies. It takes up too much storage space. So it's likely that you're looking for a new approach, and that probably means digital video surveillance.
But how much more can you gain from your new digital system and technologies? When you enhance physical security (that is, guards, cameras and sensors) by deploying applications that leverage your IT network, you can use the same security data gathered by your digital monitoring systems not only to improve security and safety, but also to reduce costs and improve operations.

The OPAL smart surveillance solution is designed to help you:
  • Integrate data from multiple sensors and analog and digital cameras into one searchable system
  • Search your data according to a broad range of parameters, including time, date, alert, object, size, location and color
  • Share data across agencies, counties and departments
  • Access and view information remotely from a Web browser
  • Prioritize critical events and store them long term
  • Analyze your footage for perpetrator identification, theft prevention and damage detection—as well as customer behaviors and business intelligence
  • Use your security data in a variety of contexts, including litigation preparation, regulatory compliance documentation and sales conversion analysis.
Because you don't have to manually search through piles of videotapes, and because you can target your search more specifically, you are more likely to detect threats and apprehend perpetrators, which helps improve security and operations.
Regardless of whether your business is located in the public or private sector, the ability to reduce your need for manual review and for redeploying armed guards can help reduce your costs.

Event-prioritization capabilities can help you lower your data management costs. The added flexibility that comes from being able to add new technology or analytical capabilities to the open-architecture solution framework can enhance the agility of your business. And the ability to use your data in a variety of ways to support business decision making can help you get more return from your security investments.

As one of the most experienced systems integrators in the world, OPAL leverages its worldwide consultants and a network of established digital video surveillance technology providers to bring you integrated solutions that include cameras, sensors, servers, networking technology, software, services and analytics. Our proprietary smart surveillance technology allows a wider range of search capabilities and helps you leverage your data in more ways than virtually any other offering on the market today.

We offer a complete line of surveillance solutions whose quality and performance you can trust. Our surveillance solutions include various components such as track and trace, video, video analytics and intrusion detection that offer the ultimate in surveillance for people, property, product and reputation.

We invest a great deal in people as well as research and development. This results in a steady stream of new insights, technologies and inventions that enable us to improve the reliability of our products and systems, ensuring you have the safest products and making our systems even more simple and convenient to operate.

Advances in digital technologies are creating a whole new world of possibilities. We are at the leading edge in this field and continue to redefine both current and future technologies
We offer:
  • Structured delivery of managed solutions
  • Monitoring of key assets including people, property, product and reputation
  • Surveillance solutions that allow for system upgrades as technology advances
  • A unique, intelligent solution that provides immediate situational awareness in any environment
  • IT expertise that will ensure delivery of infrastructure to support your needs as surveillance trends evolve
Customer benefits include:
  • Reduced costs through minimising demand on your security area
  • The highest compatibility with industry-leading surveillance products
  • Structured project delivery methodologies with national coverage, which allows us to deliver your surveillance solution on time