Our present focus on the following core information technology solutions, product portfolios and services has resulted in wide acceptance of our solutions across diverse business environments.

               We have a strong, market driven executive team, moving forward with a vision that drives the growth of the company and propels it toward a customer driven approach. OPAL has highly qualified and skilled team of professionals, education backgrounds. More than 90% of our customers interfacing personnel are technically qualified, making them competent to understand both the business and technology requirements of our clients, Our Team works together to fulfill the goal of achieving growth and profitability through customer satisfaction.

 We believe in -

Being fair, ethical and transparent to all  our customers irrespective of their size, The need for adopting quality in all processes, which alone can ensure satisfaction for all.
Demanding the best out of ourselves before asking others.
An open work culture which supports dissent and celebrates performance.
Perpetual improvement in everything we do.
Supporting learning at all levels by encouraging experimentation.
That we cannot prosper without contributing to the well being of the community in which we live and operate.